Celebrating our Anarkik Creators. Anne Boylan: her designs and 3D print jewellery
Pendant by Anne Boylan, 3D printed in polyamide, dyed black. set with stones.

Anne is an established contemporary jeweller and lecturer at Belfast School of Art. She labelled herself a technological illiterate who has bought into our Anarkik3DDesign 3D modelling programme and generously shares her progress and work with us.

She purchased her kit in January 2018, having participated in the Craft Council UK’s national Make:Shift:Do event we held in Edinburgh.

Image: dark + light neckpiece, disrupt series 2018, 3D printed polyamide, pigmented polyurethane, ebony moonstone, silk silicon.

Anne produced new work for the HandmadebyDesign exhibition in the Birmingham School of Jewellery (18 November – 6 December 2019) and gave a presentation at the accompanying symposium (20 November 2019). She talked about how and why she uses 3D digital technologies (Anarkik3DDesign 3D modelling programme and 3D printing) with her handmaking skills to design and construct her work.

The piece above is from one of Anne’s earlier batch of 3D prints designed using our software and 3D printed in polyamide, dyed black.  She has set moonstones in the pod, with pigmented polyurethane and carved ebony as the recessed disc, with yellow silk and silicon sheath. 3D

‘Using Anarkik3DDesign has added a different layer of drawing and making to my practice. It proved to be a very direct and instinctive programme that was as close to my paper-based drawing process as computer drawing could allow. The speed with which I was able to engage with its haptic nature allowed an unexpected ‘flow’ of ideas that came surprisingly close to experimental studio work. I can now say that Anarkik3DDesign is established as part of my practice!’ (AEB, March 2019)

Celebrating other Anarkik Creators:

Montage of the models created by both the above group and by Farah Bandookwala, Elizabeth Armour, Suzanne Esser and Michelle Jessiman.
Montage of the models created (first line) by Farah Bandookwala, Suzanne Esser, Ursula Guttmann, Genna Delaney, AnneBoylan, Ann Marie Shillito and Birgit Laken.
(Middle row) Elizabeth Armour, Ann Marie Shillito, Birgit Laken, screencapture, Anne Boylan (long image), Michelle Jessiman and another screencapture.
(Bottom row) Birgit Laken, screencapture, Anne Boylan, Genna Delaney and Elizabeth Armour.


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