Buying jewellery for you and what it means to wear it.

Featuring our wonderful friend, Jane.
Love yourself
Love yourself: ‘Bud pendant’ by Ann Marie Shillito

On this grey January day, let’s talk about jewellery that makes us feel inspired and empowered. We’re talking about the jewellery that you love and buy for yourself. Whether it’s a necklace, earrings or even a ring, waiting around for jewellery to be given to you is something of the past. Owning a piece of jewellery that you bought thoughtfully, or on an impulse for yourself could be the one that you treasure forever.

Love yourself
Jane Chisholm wears her new necklace

“I feel proud to be wearing something that’s totally unlike anything else, and I also really like the designer, that’s a big part of it too.”

Jane recently bought one of Ann Marie Shillito’s pink Bud Pendants. A Textile Design graduate and based in Edinburgh, she loves wearing statement pieces of jewellery. “I like wearing jewellery that’s a bit unusual. Little jewellery does nothing for me, the bigger and bolder the better”

We totally agree with you, Jane!

The ‘Bud’ collection by Ann Marie is inspired by natural forms, made with a lightweight nylon, dyed with watertight textile dyes and hand-finished with a magnetic clasps.

Do you feel you enjoy wearing your jewellery more if you’ve bought it for yourself? Please let us know in the comments below 🙂

Love yourself

View Ann Marie’s Bud Pendant collection here.

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