From bumble beginnings..

“For many years I have admired, bought and been gifted Ann Marie’s work. From her early titanium earrings, brooches and necklaces to her current 3D Printed jewellery. The honey bee pin with it’s very life like bee sitting on honeycomb is possibly my favourite piece in all of my collection.” 

honey bee pin
Honey bee pin by Ann Marie Shillito
Protecting our beeautiful world.

Ann Marie Shillito is an established Jeweller based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work has changed over time but her values as a person and a designer are rooted in causes for protecting our environment. She is part of the Applied Arts Scotland (AAS)/Creative Infomatics ‘Closing the Loop’ project group supporting the Circular Economy, a new maker-led research group exploring gaps in current materials knowledge and application of sustainability tools and practices in the studio. If you would like to read more, please click here

honey bee pin
Honey Bee Pin by Ann Marie Shillito

Inspired by bees hard at work polinating, she designed and made a statement Honey Bee Pin with 6 bees on a honeycomb base as a bespoke commission, gifted to a beekeeper.

honey bee pin
Beespoke jewellery and saving our pollinators

With the agreement of the bee brooch owner, Ann Marie has created smaller Honey Bee Pins for any occasion. A percentage from sales of the pin going to support charities fighting to protect all our wee polinators. More information here about this support.

“It provides a talking point when I wear this pin. I use it to talk about how important bees are in the natural world and to human survival. From there I move on to persaude anyone with a garden to kept it insecticide free, as I do.”

honey bee pin

“It is intrinsically beautiful in its design and colours and can be worn whether I am in my gardening trousers or going to a party.”

repurposed packaging
Honey bee pins in repurposed plastic boxes. Designed to display and stay secure for sending.
Beespoke boxes

Ann Marie repurposes clear plastic tubs from Simply Cook and makes 3D Printed bases to create these wonderful cases! It will protect your bee in the post and it means that Ann Marie reuses her plastic to help protect our environment. You can use the case as a great display box too.

To purchase your very own bee pin, please visit our shop here.

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