This website is just for you, a person with attitude, willing to wear expressive, contemporary jewellery that has been designed by a community of designer makers and applied artists who use Anarkik3DDesign 3D modelling programme to create their unique objects. We set it up to both promote all our work and a place to purchase the jewellery made by Birgit Laken and Ann Marie Shillito. We are very happy to put you in touch with any of the artists whose work is shown here.

Now that it is possible to have models 3D printed in materials that are made from recycled plastic, we want to shout out about the designs that celebrate the extraordinary qualities and preciousness of polymers, by showcasing work with the green credentials we all want buy into. We want to encourage more responsible making practice, a circular economy and better purchasing decisions by providing choice. We want to do this as an important step in the right direction towards protecting the natural environment!

AnarkikCreations is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, a small, innovative and beautiful country.