Ann Marie Shillito’s Posts cover what she is about, the unique products she creates, designing with Anarkik3DDesign, sustainability issue (being a member of both Applied Arts Scotland’s group ‘Closing the Loop’ and Katie Treggiden’s Making Design Circular), plus other areas of digital making that takes her fancy – like VR!

Image of the Badge for membership of Katie Treggiden's Making Design Circular as Ann Marie Shillito is looking at creative solutions to use waste materials and make plastic so precious that it does noy end up in landfill. Other aims for a more circular economy are using reclaimed, recycled and locally sourced material, supplied as locally as possible
From AMS posts - the HiddenFloors project, a virtual fashion event with 6 model avatars, this image shows Ava avatar modelling a shiny lilac coloured skin-tight top and shorts under a full length diaphanous lilac coloured gown created by Little Peril Studio. Her huge and sumptuous head dress of flowing multicoloured swirls floats above her red hair and as she walks she is followed by numerous colourful flying pet objects. She also wears a large decorative front piece of shiny metallic swirls.

Creating Ava’s Accessories and Garments

Part two of HiddenFloors is about creating Ava avatar’s accessories and garments, about the digital and VR process producing these, and Little Peril Studio’s Megan Mackay creating our avatars’ gorgeous garments.

The bonus of such a project is having a really great techie team supporting us from start to finish who worked their socks off to get our creations animated and exhibited.

HiddenFloors and Ava Avatar at V&A Dundee

HiddenFloors Project showcases world-wide the collaborations of 12 amazing fashion designers and applied artists, using digital & immersive media to connect to audiences & international buyers without the costs & environmental impact of travel & organising physical exhibitions & runway shows. Created for the project were virtual garments and accessories for avatar models and 4 exhibitions showing progress were curated in four ‘hidden floors’ inside a virtual V&A Dundee.

Image of jeweller Ann Marie Shillito's Wizzy pendant AMS11b (3), a fun piece made from 3D printer scrap and waste household plastics. It is designed and 3D printed to add value to waste plastics as plastic is precious. Each Wizzky Pendant is a one-off, unique, The long cord is flexible 3D printer filament and its length is adjustable with two sliders, and links are steel.



The people to whom I am talking believe in their expertise, integrity and autonomy as designer makers and applied artists, people who are open to learning new skills and open to the benefits of 3D digital technology: for enhancing their practice, helping make it more sustainable in the longer term – because they are concerned about the impact that climate breakdown is having globally. Hence this post on A 3D Digital Technology Journey: supporting a designer/maker’s more environmentally responsible practice. I am Ann Marie Shillito, a designer maker and jeweller, also co-founder and CEO of Anarkik3D Ltd. I have always been eco conscious.

From AMS postsImage shows a close-up of a Scarf with 3Dprinted flame motifs. This is an eco-friendly and unique Scarf, made in Scotland by Ann Marie Shillito, from a mix of materials: the motifs of a flame in red filament are 3D printed into gorgeous deadstock lacy silk fabric. The 3D printer filament (PLA) is old stock or made from recycled plastics.

Sustainable Me

This third Sustainable Me post is about a continuation of Ann Marie Shillito’s ‘Lockdown’ Project on 3D printing on fabric. The scarves, using ex-designer deadstock fabrics and 3D printer filament with a high percentage of recycled polymer, are in Fold, the shop at the Barn in Banchory in Scotland and are part of her Closing the Loop explorations into this technique. Within her current work as a maker, she is finding creative solutions towards zero waste using 3D printing to add value to waste materials and this series of posts provide morer information about the purpose behind the work.

Sustainable Me! This image shows some of Ann Marie Shillito's exploratory '3D printing on fabric' pieces on display at the Barn, pinned to the wall in Closing the Loop's "MATTER | Earth, Material and Making" exhibition, on until 11th November 2022 .

Sustainable Me!

This second Sustainable Me post is about Ann Marie Shillito’s ‘Lockdown’ Project on 3D printing on fabric. Some of the exploratory pieces are in Closing the Loop’s exhibition, |MATTER| Earth, Materials + Making ant the Barn in Banchory in Scotland (on until 12th November 2022). The pieces are pinned to the wall. This series of posts provides deeper information on the purpose and methods behind the work she makes. Within her work she is finding creative solutions towards zero waste in her practice as a maker, where 3D printing adds desirability and value to waste materials.

Blog post Sustainable Me: images showing crocheted jacket woven with range of red fabric scraps, Lampshade made of repurposed waste plastic spice pots linked in a hexagonal matrix with red 3D printed widgets, and a photo of the lampshade in situ in MATTER exhibition in the Barn, Banchory in Scotland.

Sustainable Me!

Ann Marie’s intention with this post and the following ones is to provide information on the process behind the work she made for the Closing the Loop’s ‘MATTER: Earth, Material + Making’ exhibition: the two projects displayed, three further projects that were not included in the exhibition, and finished project pieces on sale in the Barn’s store, Fold. This exhibition in Banchory in Scotland (on until 12th November 2022) is about exploring environmental wellbeing through making: drawing on craft practices that value & respect natural resources, waste materials, biodiversity & production systems.

Honey Bee Pin by Ann Marie Shillito creating a buzz

Inspired by bees hard at work polinating, Ann Marie Shillito designs and makes Honey Bee Pins. These pins come with bespoke packaging made from repurposed plastic, and a percantage of the sales go to a charity to help protect our pollinators. Read more in this latest blogpost.

‘Bud’ Jewellery Collection by Ann Marie Shillito

Spring is upon us! I love seeing the shoots and flowers starting to appear outside. Are you looking forward to warmer weather and lighter mornings? In this blog post I thought it would be appropriate to share Ann Marie Shillito’s pieces which inspire joy; The ‘Bud’ jewellery Collection.

Sustainable me [Part 2]: Ann Marie Shillito's Lockdown project - image shows a range of samples of 3D printing in blue and gold ABS and red PLA polymer filaments on silk/steel organza type fabrics, lace, steel wires, prototypes and part prints. (March to July 2020)

 Creativity in Lockdown 2020

Creative ‘play’ can often lead us to new ideas and developments. With lock-down, ‘that project’ that we’ve been putting off for months or years can finally get some attention. The path to making jewellery is no different, time off to play is needed.