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Birgit Laken

Birgit is a jewellery designer and photographer from the Netherlands. Birgit loves using Anarkik3D to develop jewellery with strong lines and a playful sense of humour.

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Genna Delaney

Genna is so enthusiastic about Anarkik3D that she started a Kickstarter fund to buy her own kit. She is exploring the ever-expanding boundaries of 3D modelling and printing.

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'Variations' series: 'Doubles' ring with interchangeable selection of colours to make up top element which slides onto the steel ring shank. Mix & Match.
Ann Marie Shillito

Ann Marie is the founder of Anarkik3D and a professional jeweller. Ann Marie just loves using Anarkik3DDesign programme to develop quirky statement pieces of jewellery.

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Anne Boylan, neckpiece 3S printed in polyamide, dyed black and set with moon stones
Anne Boylan

Anne is an established contemporary jeweller and lecturer at Belfast School of Art.

See a post on Anne’s work  and more work here

Elizabeth Armour

Lizzie combines her traditional jewellery and metal-working skills with 3D technology to create fantastical designs inspired by science fiction, fantasy and sea-life.

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Ursula Guttmann: image of a neckpiece of units, 3D printed in grey nylon.
Ursula Guttmann

Ursula is an an artist and jeweller. Quote about current work: ‘The exhibition is dedicated to the sense of touch and the ways of virtual reality in real environments.’

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