The Logo of Making Design Circular, text in capital letters inside a broken pastel orange coloured circular line tapering to a clue circle. Ann Marie Shllito is a member of this group set up and run by Katie Treggiden..

Plastics are a very precious resource and Ann Marie is switching towards only using recycled polymers and recycled 3DPrinter filaments, and 2nd life materials, in her pieces. This is towards her goal of reducing waste and making her practice more ecologically responsible..

Ann Marie Shillito is both a professional jeweller and founder/CEO of Anarkik3D Ltd which develops Anarkik3DDesign, a 3D modelling programme that she loves using. Her work explores it’s capabilities fully including it being optimised for 3D printing. She is the author of the book ‘Digital  Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers’. She is not a sales person so no hard sell!

To share her expertise she runs two levels of bespoke classes for non-CAD-using artists, applied artists and designer makers. One to learn award-winning Anarkik3DDesign and the second a masterclasses for deeper immersion for creative people who already own and use the programme for them to benefit the programme even more. With 2 people per class this ensures a focus on what you need and a class date that suits you too.

Classes and Masterclasses are held in Edinburgh EH9 2DG.   For sole traders/freelances the fees are from £60 to £120 a day based on what you can pay. Classes can be bundled with the loan of the software and hardware (a laptop if required, and the haptic device). For Institutions and businesses, please contact Ann Marie Shillito to discuss your requirements.

For genuine inquiries you can contact her here

Variations 'Double Ring' - mix and match two 3D printed units for combinations of different colours Designed and made by Ann Marie Shillito: jeweller, founder/CEO of Anarkik3D Ltd, user of Anarkik3DDesign 3D modelling programme. Author of book ‘Digital Crafts: Industrial Techniques for Applied Artists and Designer Makers'.

Her “Variations” Collection is fun, designed so that you can choose your match of the day!

“Variations” is a colourful collection of interchangeable ring elements for you to create your own ring to suit yourself.

These rings are composed of three parts which are purchased separately in your selected colours: there are two ring top elements, a base and the inner circle.

The third part is the ring shank, the part that fits round your finger and holds the top parts together.

This VIDEO shows how easy it is to connect the three parts and mix and match!

Background: When investigating digital technology as a research fellow at Edinburgh College of Art, Ann Marie research project proved the potential of haptics for an alternative to CAD for 3D modelling. By using a ‘haptic device’ the user gets tactile feedback to experiencing touching a virtual object. The research had found that the complexity of most 3D computer aided design and 3D modelling packages was a major barrier for many applied artists and designers. Haptics was ideal for reducing complexity and making 3D modelling quick and easy to learn and use.

So Anarkik3DDesign was born.

Ann Marie Shillito now only uses Anarkik3DDesign to continue with her jewellery practice.

in 2011 she used the software to create her daughters’ wedding ring, which was 3D printed in titanium.

She designed the titanium ring to flow around the diamond in her engagement ring and for the gold and the titanium to hug close together.

Since developing arthritis in her thumbs Ann Marie finds it harder to create jewellery the traditional way. She is delighted that she can cope well with Anarkik3DDesign’s easy-to-use haptic device for 3D modelling system. It is perfect for her for designing jewellery for 3D printing.

Ann Marie Shillito: Born 1947 in Zambia

  • 1965-1967: Birmingham College of Art, Diploma in Art and Design Awards
  • 1968-1971: Royal College of Art, London. M.Des. RCA (Silver medal: designs for production).
  • 1997: Award for Individual Development from the Scottish Arts Council
  • 1998: Anne Marie has her first model printed in ABS plastic. The bangle was painted and had gold leaf added. It is still wearable today
  • 1999: Crafts Award from Inches Carr Trust
  • 1999-2006: Research Fellow at Edinburgh College of Art investigating haptics for 3D modelling
  • 2007: Founded Anarkik3D with software engineer Xiaoqing Cao
  • 2013: Publication of Ann Marie’s seminal book ‘Digital Crafts – Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists & Designer-Makers’
  • 2013: Anarkik3D awarded Best Consumer Software at 3DPrintShow Global Awards
  • 2017: Ann Marie creates 3 new ranges of jewellery for an exhibition of 3D printed jewellery at GalerieV&V in Vienna.  Ann Marie and Birgit Laken jointly curated the exhibition.
  • 2017: Ann Marie invited to take part in panel discussion at Wiener Schmucktage, Vienna’s 7 day Festival of Jewellery. Ann Marie and Birgit Laken run 2 day workshop on 3D digital modelling at Wiener Schmucktage in GalerieV&V, using haptic Anarkik3D Design.
  • 2019: Work by Anarkik Creators exhibited at Munich International Fair on Anarkik3D’s stand in the Jewellery Hall. Ann Marie runs 2 day workshop on 3D digital modelling at University for the Applied Arts in Vienna
  • 2020: Ann Marie exhibits her jewellery in Bucharest during Romanian Jewellery Week and gives an online presentation at the Conference held there.
  • 2021: Red Red Brooch exhibited in Dazzle’s 40 Brooches for 40 Years exhibition at the Dovecot at Edinburgh Festival time. Variations ring exhibited in Double Doors exhibition ‘100 Jewels by 100 Women‘ in Dundee.
  • 2022: MATTER –Earth, Materials + Making: AAS Closing the Loop group exbibition at the Barn in Banchory
  • 2023: Unity – ACJ & Bluecote Display Centre exhibition in Liverpool at time of the Eurovision Contest. APPLIED – Makers Offerings: Applied Arts Scotland exhibition, Leith, Edinburgh