Variations “Doubles”: Ring Top Centre


Variations “Doubles”: Ring Top Centre. You can choose the colour of the centre circle of this Doubles ring top (see link below for colours currently in stock) to put with the top base (See link below for colours currently in stock).

You then need a ring shank which you can use with as many different ring tops as you like! (See link below for metals and colours currently in stock)

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Variations “Doubles”: Ring Top Centre. With the Variations series you can easily and quickly change the colour combination of the tops of the ring, to match any outfit. This “Doubles” centre ring top piece is available in an array of colours, printed in polyamide. Choose the base in a colour and now the centre piece in a colour combination to suit your mood.

The ring tops need a shank which you can buy in black nylon, steel or dyed polyimide. Slot the ring shank through the Doubles top, then place on your finger. Your finger will hold the two ring top pieces in place.

Ann Marie Shillito created this ring as she loves the idea of wearers combining different ring units together to fit their mood, the occasion, colour scheme, what ever. 3D printed polyamide can be dyed in a wide range of colours as shown in images.

Customer information:

  • As these rings are 3D printed and hand-finished mostly to order, please be aware your order may take up to 21 days to arrive.
  • These rings are shipped from the UK by special delivery. The costs within the UK is included in the price. You will be advised of the extra shipping costs to international addresses



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Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


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