Wizzy pendant AMS11b (2)


Wizzy pendant AMS11b (2)

This range of Wizzy pendants AMS11b (2) by jeweller Ann Marie Shillito is designed and 3D printed to add value to waste plastics to make fun wearable pieces. These are special as plastic is precious. Each Wizzy Pendant is a one-off, unique, made by recycling 3D printing scraps and household waste streams. The cord is flexible 3D printer filament and its length adjustable with two sliders and links are steel



Wizzy pendant AMS11b (2)

This range of Wizzy Pendants -Wizzy pendant AMS11b (2) – are madly special as Ann Marie Shillito uses design, 3D printing and her jewellery skills to add value to scrap and waste plastics from both 3D printing and household waste, to make pieces that are fun to wear. Special as plastic is precious.

Ann Marie is a member of Applied Arts Scotland’s Closing the Loop (CtL) group and Katie Treggiden’s Making Design Circular. She is aiming towards zero waste, a circular economy, and sourcing material as locally as possible.

3D printer waste and unwanted 3D printed test pieces are playfully fused together into pendants. The sliders on the ‘cord’ adjust the length, designed using Anarkik3DDesign and 3D printed in rPLA filament. The links are steel and the neck cord is made from flexible 3D printer filament that is old unusable stock.

Wizzy Pendants AMS11b are fun to wear and great conversation pieces!

This eco-friendly and unique pendant is made in Scotland. It developed out of Ann Marie’s ‘Lockdown’ Project of 3D printing into fabric and using up old stocks of 3D printer filament (PLA).

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